Echo Frames (3rd Gen) – Smart Audio Glasses with Alexa

  • Style
  • Comfort
  • Audio Quality
  • Functionality
  • Value for Money
4.7/5Overall Score

Echo Frames (3rd Gen) are smart audio glasses that combine style, comfort, and technology. Featuring Alexa, open-ear audio, and blue light filtering lenses, these frames are designed for the modern, tech-savvy individual.

  • Style: Black Rectangle
  • Size: Narrow
  • Fit: Standard Fit
  • Frame Color: Classic Black
  • Special Features: Alexa Integration, Blue Light Filtering, Open-Ear Audio, Prescription Ready
  • Price: $224.99 (Introductory), Regular $299.99
  • Stylish and durable design
  • Hands-free access to Alexa
  • High-quality audio without ear discomfort
  • Blue light filtering for eye protection
  • Privacy-focused features
  • Limited styles and sizes
  • Higher price point

Revolutionizing Personal Audio with Echo Frames 3rd Gen

Experience a blend of technology and style with Amazon’s latest innovation, the Echo Frames (3rd Gen). These smart audio glasses, available in Classic Black with blue light filtering lenses, are not just a fashion statement, but a futuristic approach to everyday convenience. Priced at an introductory offer of $224.99, these frames promise to redefine your audio experiences while ensuring comfort and elegance.

The Echo Frames (3rd Gen) are a leap forward in smart wearable technology. Designed with high-quality Mazzucchelli Italian acetate, they exhibit a perfect balance between durability and style. The frame color in Classic Black offers a timeless look, suitable for various occasions. What sets these frames apart is the integration of Alexa, allowing for hands-free access to music, podcasts, and smart home controls.

The open-ear audio design ensures you enjoy high-quality sound without the discomfort of traditional headphones. This feature, combined with improved bass and crystal-clear highs, makes for an enhanced audio experience. The blue light filtering lenses with anti-reflective coating are a bonus, perfect for those who spend long hours in front of screens.

These glasses are also prescription-ready, offering the flexibility to add your prescription lenses at any nearby eyecare provider. Additionally, the Echo Frames are designed with privacy in mind, featuring microphones that respond primarily to the wearer’s voice and can be easily muted.

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